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Jump Stretch

Jump Stretch Inc. of the United States was the world's first rubber band gym, established in 1998. Coach Dick Hartzell,
the "Rubber Band Man" developed innovative ways of training athletes of all ages, in all sports with Flex Band Equipment.

Helping athletes improve their speed/power, strength, flexibility, foot quickness, vertical jump and coordination skills.

Jump Stretch Canada Fitness Centre, located at 760 Victoria, Prince George, BC. Upstairs in the Gold's Gym building.

We work
closely with Jump Stretch Inc. All our training is certified through them, we duplicate their ideals and philosophies in fitness.

Jump Stretch Canada trains groups of athletes, junior high through professional levels, and seniors programs as well. We use all Jump Stretch approved equipment in our facility, for all training.

Training; Anywhere, anytime, any intensity; A proven system used by over a one hundred professional teams, as well as hundreds of high schools, colleges and major universities. Flexbands can be used to develop all muscle groups, in a safe and effective way.

With flexbands as your mechanical advantage increases the bands provide more resistance where its required by the athlete and as the band de-loads its less stress on the joints of the body.

Athletic workouts; A typical workout begins with ankle strengthening, to dynamic stretching and flexibility warm-up. Athletes then perform resistance running (forward, backward and laterally) to improve speed, foot quickness, strength and stabilization. Then explosive squats for leg strength, leg quickness and to improve vertical jump. Resisted toe raises, high knees, jammer drills and so much more.